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User Guide & Safety Warnings

Boat Lift Helper Safety Warnings* The Boat Lift Helper is extremely easy to use, but it’s important to observe the following safety measures to prevent property damage or serious personal injury. In addition to these precautions, normal personal safety procedures should be exercised while working near the water.

Completely read instructions in the
Installation Guide before use.

Warning Attachment of the air-lift-bags should be at the front (bow) and rear (stern) of the lift to provide optimum stability. Position the air-lift-bags left or right to balance off center items such as the crank.
Warning Do not drag air-lift-bags across the ground, damage may occur as a result. After placing your lift in the water, start by inflating one air-lift-bag. When it rises to the surface continue inflating until it appears FIRM (Min. 2.5 P.S.I.). Repeat on the second bag. This will help to maintain stability of the lift.
Warning When the lift is positioned in the chosen location, FULLY deflate one air-lift-bag until the lift legs on that side are resting on the lake bottom before you begin to deflate the second bag. This will help to maintain stability to the lift. Test lift to ensure it has settled firm to the bottom.
Warning When removing your lift, start by inflating one air-lift-bag. When it rises to the surface continue inflating until it appears FIRM (Min. 2.5 P.S.I.). Repeat on the second bag. This will help to maintain stability of the lift.
Warning Do not inflate the air-lift-bags or move the boat lift with the lift canopy installed, it may work as a sail if the wind suddenly increases.
Warning Do not inflate the air-lift-bags with the boat on the lift. This will cause damage to the air bags, lift, or boat and may cause harm to the operator.
Warning Do not install or raise boat lift when wind, waves, or current may interfere with safe control of the floating lift.
Warning Do not install the system unless a dock or other high stable structure is in the water to walk on to get higher leverage on the lift.
Warning Do not climb on the floating boat lift or use the Boat Lift Helper as a flotation or personal safety device.
Warning Do not tow or move a floated lift over open water or float the lift to a different location on the lake.
Warning The lift can be easily moved, however for safety always have a minimum of two people handle the lift in case of; changing wind, balance, water conditions, or any unforeseen problems that may arise during operation.
Warning For security, tether the boat lift to a dock in case wind or water conditions should change. Failure to secure the lift could cause a lack of control over the floating lift.
Warning Avoid being positioned between the lift and dock. Injury could result from unexpected movement.
Warning Do not have heavy accessories on the boat lift (such as batteries, etc.) until the lift has been moved into position and the air-lift-bags have been deflated as they may make the lift weight distribution severely unbalanced.
Warning Water in the lift’s beams or mud on the pads when re-floating your air-lift-bags may create instability as the lift rises.
Warning Do not attempt to lift more than the recommend weight for the air-lift-bags (800 lbs. maximum per pair with the standard version).

Shock Warning Electrical Shock Hazard – Use of electric powered tools near water, in damp areas and on metal docks is inherently dangerous. Extreme caution is recommended in use of powered tools like air pumps near the water.

*Safety Warning SAFETY WARNING: Not following instructions or observing safety warnings could result in property damage, severe personal injury, or even death.


There is a 20% restocking fee for unused kits returned (freight prepaid). Credit less the cost of initial shipment and handling.

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