What are my options for installing my boat lift?

We are going to highlight the 3 most common ways to install a boat lift in the spring.

  1. Man power and muscle

    This is probably the most common method. Get a handful of your strongest friends/family together and push the lift in by hand and feed them beer and brats. This might be your cheapest option but keep in mid that the lift is heavy, the water is cold and a chiropractor bill might not be that fun to pay later. Mid season/end of the season for removal you’ll have to call those friends back up (remember they have caller ID and they know why you are calling) and grunt the boat lift back to shore. Hopefully you don’t have a mucky bottom or else that boat lift is going to feel like the worlds strongest suction cup to the lake bottom.

  2. Hire a service

    If you would rather sit back and be hands-off this option would be for you. Hire a service to install your boat lift via group muscle or by barge. Note there are some downfalls to this option as well. The most common being scheduling. You are going to schedule an install date that work best for when the service is in the area and not necessarily when it is best for you meaning your lift might not go in as early as want. At the end of the season you will have to schedule a removal date and again this might be earlier than you were hoping for and chew into some of your boating season. Another thing to mention is placement of the boat lift and how it might not be exactly where you want it. What do you do then? Hire them to come back out ($$$) or try to muscle it around yourself.

  3. Use the Boat Lift Helper

    Now enter our Boat Lift Helper air bag system for your boat lift (and dock). Ready for spring installation for your boat lift? Attach our air bag system to your lift, roll your lift into the water (we also sell boat lift wheel kits), inflate the bags, while standing on your dock FLOAT the boat lift to the end of the dock, deflate the bags one at a time, and you are DONE. Notice how we didn’t get into the water, we didn’t have to lift anything, we didn’t need an army of people to help, we stayed high and dry. Is the lift not in the right position or maybe the water levels changed during the summer? Re-inflate the air bags and move the lift accordingly. Same thing with fall removal, air the bags back up, float it into shore, attach your wheels, deflate the bags and roll it out.

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