Does the system stay attached to the lift underwater all summer?

Yes. That is the most unique and convenient feature of the Boat Lift Helper system.  Whenever you need to move your lift the Boat Lift Helper system is ready when you are. Whether it be in the middle of summer when water levels fluctuate or end of the season for removal, no need to get back in the cold deep water and no need to lift and reattach anything. Simply bring your air source and away you go.

How long will this system last?

The membrane used for the air-lift-bags is a military grade material that has a very high abrasion rate and puncture rate. We put quality top of mind while manufacturing this complete system. As for longevity, we have been testing and using our very first system for 12 years now with no signs of deterioration. We expect many more years of use. See TESTIMONIALS for more on this 12 year old system.

*3 year warranty included on each system.

How do I inflate the bags?

Since it only take 3PSI to fully inflate the bags
We have 2 primary methods of inflation:

1. Raft inflator pump that can reach 3PSI. We sell one under our ACCESSORIES page which can be added to your kit.

2. Air compressor with a standard chuck just as if you were to inflate a car, truck or bicycle tire.

The best option is to use a power inverter, a battery, and a 120v pump. See inverter in ACCESSORIES page.

Almost every 12v pump that we have tried did not work in the fall or took too long to inflate (15+ minutes to inflate one bag).
Last resort, a hand pump can inflate the bags but will require substance amount of work.

What if I don't have power by the shoreline?

Do the bags get removed at the end of the season?

Yes. We do recommend to store the bags flat in a garage/shed. Primarily to prevent animals from chewing on the bags but also to protect against theft and the winter elements.
We designed the system to be easily removed. Each bag can easily be removed by removing 3 carriage bolts that are held together with brass lock nuts, followed by detaching the hose (the brass couplers help with this process). It should take roughly 3-5 minutes to remove the system. See video of bag removal.

The mounting brackets are aluminum. The brackets are adjustable and can accommodate 99% of boat lifts. The L-brackets can expand to a width of 2-4” and will reach a height up to 6”.

We have larger 8" and 10" L-brackets to fit larger beams.

What are the L-brackets made from and what size do they accommodate?

Are the bags repairable if they are punctured?

Yes. We have 3 options for you.

  1. Hot air gun repair. This method requires you to have and know how to use a hot air gun and a hand roller. With a patch piece of material and the hot air gun and roller, you can melt the two materials together to create the repair.

  2. Patch and sealant. We sell a kit for $67.50 plus shipping and handling (USD). This kit includes; adhesive sealant, patches, all-purpose cleaner, hand roller, scouring pad, and a repair guide. See attached file.

  3. We fix, you ship. No charge for the repair, you pay shipping both ways.

While we designed the system to stay on one lift all season long, some customers have used one kit on multiple lifts. We do not recommend it. We can provide a discount for purchasing multiple system. Contact us to get information on our new detachable system.

Can I use this on multiple lifts?

Although we have not tested it, the bags can physically be attached to the sides. The issue with that is when you go to inflate/deflate the bags, the lift will either lean towards the dock (could cause damage) or lean away from the dock (too far to reach the valves). It would also interfere with a wheel kit if you had that attached to the sides.

Can I attach the bags to the side of the lift instead?

YES! That is one the biggest driving factors of why we created the system the way it is. Fill the bags to the proper 3PSI and the system will float to the top of the water. One of our customers told us about a foot and a half of muck and the Boat Lift Helper system still popped it free. See TESTIMONIALS page for more customer feedback. 

Will this raise the lift out of deep mud/muck?

There is no Duty since the product is made in the US (Minnesota). There is a GST, as well as UPS' broker/entry fee.

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