Easily install and remove your boat lift this year!

 Preserve your relationships! No more pressuring your friends or family to help you launch your boat lift at the beginning and end of every boating season. 

Float your boat lift for easy installation.

The Boat Lift Helper is made of the same tough material that the military uses to raise sunken equipment from the ocean floor. The Heavy-duty air-lift-bags will raise your boat lift up off the lake bottom for simple positioning right from your dock. No need to muscle your boat lift through muddy, sandy, rocky, or weedy lake bottoms. 

Mid-season when lake water levels change, simply re-inflate the Boat Lift Helper’s powerful air-lift-bags to move your boat lift into a new position. No hassles or need to re-attach wheels and no special air compressors are required.

 Enjoy boating with your friends and family without the added chore of boat lift installation and removal!

What are the specifics?

Fasten the universal L-brackets that are fitted into the Boat Lift Helper’s air-lift-bags to your boat lift bottom beams. Our L-brackets fit almost all manufacturers’ boat lifts as they adjust from 2-4" wide and 3-6" tall. We can provide specialty L-brackets for larger beams. Follow the simple, easy step-by-step installation guide to attach the hoses and fittings. The only tools needed are a knife to cut the air hose, and a screw driver to tighten the hose clamps and two wrenches to tighten the lock nuts. That’s it; you’re ready to go boating!

We have 3 Standard Sized Systems.

6ft, 7ft, 8ft. Each system comes with 2 bags, stainless steel hardware, aluminum adjustable mounting brackets, brass fittings, 33’ hose and complete air valve assemblies. Everything you need, all you have to provide is the air. We can also custom build any size of bag.

How do I know what size I need?

We need to know how WIDE your boat lift is. The width of the lift from inside the vertical columns. Or you can provide us with make and model number and we can do the research for you.

Option 1.) 6ft Boat Lift Helper System - 96" wide lifts

Option 2.) 7ft Boat Lift Helper System - 108" wide lifts

Option 3.) 8ft Boat Lift Helper System - 120" wide lifts

This is only a rule of thumb so canopy size, extra weight from accessories, and some specific models may work best with a different size system. We do make oversized 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft long bags for lifts that are wider than 120". 

How do I inflate the bags?

One the nicest perks to the system is that you don't need a big bulky, expensive heavy air compressor to inflate the bags. Use this small, lightweight and portable 3PSI Pump (one can be added to your kit). 

The Boat Lift Helper only requires 2.5-3 P.S.I. of air pressure (2.5 P.S.I. is required for proper boat lift flotation) which is easily achieved with the same low priced pumps you probably already use to inflate floats, tubes and other lake toys. There is no worry if your pump puts out more than 3 P.S.I. the Boat Lift Helper has a built in relief valve to release the extra pressure.


120v 3psi Pump

This can be added to your system at purchase. To see all other accessories see Accessories page.

Complete air valve assembly

Valve Assembly

Complete valve assembly with 3-way valve for easy operation and built in pressure relief valve for safety.

Valve assembly mounted on boat lift

Mounted to a Lift

Cable ties are provided to mount the valve assembly to the boat lift.

You may think that huge bags would be required to hoist your big boat lift off the lake bottom, but that’s why we figured it out for you. This is the same material that the military uses to raise sunken heavy equipment from ocean bottoms and the Boat Lift Helper’s air-lift-bags can raise your boat lift weighing up to 1200 pounds. Optional air-lift-bags are available if your lift weighs more than 1200 pounds.

High Abrasion Resistant.


High Puncture Rate.

- Lightweight, high strength military grade fabric is durable, rugged, mold and mildew resistant.
- Fully adjustable L-brackets for with high securement operation.
- Low profile when deflated for easy moving to shore, compact storage. 

Once you have attached the Boat Lift Helper to your lift, simply move your boat lift into the water and inflate the air-lift-bags. When inflated a cushion of air will allow you and a friend to glide your boat lift with one hand! When your lift is where you want it, release the air from the bags. You are done! That’s all there is to it!

Leave the Boat Lift Helper attached to your boat lift in case water levels change during the season. Simply refill the air-lift-bags and glide your boat lift into a new position. Use the Boat Lift Helper again at the end of the season to easily remove your lift from the water.


Options to make our system faster and stronger

Works with 99% of manufacturers. Hewitt Roll-A-Dock, ShoreMaster, ShoreStation, ShoreMaster, Floe, Max Lifts, Pier Pleasure, PortaDock, Walk on water, Beach King, RGC, Naylor, Lakeside Lift, ShoreMate, Harbor Master, Ridgeline, Vibo, Sunstream, Aluminum docks, etc.

A three year warranty provides added assurance of our products quality and business integrity.