Any of these accessories can be added to your system when you purchase or can be purchased seperate. If you want to buy any of these, please CONTACT US as all orders are completed over the phone. 


Brass Couplers


Used to easily connect and disconnect the hose. Spliced in hose line, helps for winter removal


Wheel Kit

Universal wheel kit. Includes 2 wheels with the mounting plates, hardware and axles.


120v Pump

3PSI Pump to inflate


2" Rubber Stopping Blocks

Used for lift that bunk travels below cross beam. Floe/Harbor Master most common.


2" Aluminum Spacer

Two 8ft 2x2 aluminum square tubes

New 2018 L-brackets.JPG

Reinforced L-brackets

Taller and stronger L-brackets


12v High Pressure Pump

Higher pressure 12v option. May work better with heavy lifts or mucky situations


12v Pump High Volume

High volume 12v option. May not work with heavy lifts or mucky situations


D-Ring Fasteners


Used temporarily to assist in moving a lift already in the water.


Repair Kit


On the field repair kit. Needs 3 days to fully cure.


5/8" Upgrade

Upgrades older systems for improved efficiency with inflating and deflating. All systems before 2017 have smaller hose and fittings and could use an upgrade.

Need spare parts? 
Call or email us and we can send you a quote for the needed components.