The Boat Lift Helper is a great tool that will simplify the installation and positioning of your boat lift and dock.


 If you're lucky enough to have a dock on wheels, you still know that it can be a strenuous task to push your dock out on a rocky, muddy, or weedy lake bottom. You'll never have to gather a team of helpers to help you lift your dock into place again! 

Easy Dock Instillation

Below is an example of how a Boat Lift Helper owner adapted his kit to be used for a dock install on his troublesome lake bottom. Docks vary greatly in their size and construction so your application is likely to vary from this example.

Step 1

Step 2

Simply attach Boat Lift Helper’s air-lift-bags onto your dock to glide it on a cushion of air into your lake. When your dock is in position, simply remove the air-lift-bags and transfer them to your boat lift for easy installation.

In this application the owner has used 2” x 4” boards that are wider than the dock for attaching the air-lift-bags. Clamps have been added to be attached to the dock tubing. The clamps will prevent slippage of  inflated bags as the dock is moved.

Step 3

Step 4

Here is a close-up view of the clamps attached to the tubing of the dock. It is important that the weight of your dock does not exceed the weight limit of your Boat Lift Helper kit.

The air-lift-bags should be attached towards the lake end of the dock to ensure buoyancy as the dock is moved into deeper water. Be sure to follow the safety instructions to ensure that you have help to maintain stability and control of your dock while it is floating.



You may want to purchase an additional Boat Lift Helper that can remain attached to your dock to simplify the launching process.