We love hearing feedback, here's what some of our customers have said about our product. 

These are the air-lift-bags that we have been using, abusing, and testing for 12 YEARS now. Although they don't look the prettiest, they are holding up like a brand new set. 

Each summer the bags sit underwater attached to a boat lift. But come winter, when we recommend to store the bags away for protection, we wear test them to try and find their breaking point. 

  • One bag sits underwater in a frozen pond all winter long

  • The other bag hangs from a tree and is exposed to the harsh Minnesota winter conditions

We are anticipating 15+ years of use. 

After two years of looking at these online and four years of battling with local marinas to get my piers and 6000lb boat lift in by Memorial Day weekend.....we finally placed our order. We received our 8’ Boat Lift Helper system within three days and installed them in about 35 minutes. These things work amazingly! If you’re on the fence like I was than I can tell you that you will NOT regret ordering this product. It made our lift install almost ridiculously easy. Thanks Boat Lift Helper!
— Jeff - Spider Lake, Wisconsin
First time to use the tubes. Amazing!! Well worth the cost! Thank you very much! Thanks again! Fantastic product!
— Steve - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Got it installed and your product worked awesome. Made installing our boat lift effortless. I no longer dread spring install and fall removal. Thank you for all the help making sure your product worked with our lift. I will definitely recommend your product.
— Tina - Green Lake, Minnesota
This was the 11th year we installed this lift and from previous years were a nightmare from HELL. It took us less than 1 hour to inflate the air bags, float the lift to the usual location and adjust the legs. This was the easiest installation ever!!! ... It made our installation so simple and safe. No one had to strain themselves as we did in the previous years and nobody got hurt.
— Butch - Joliet, Illinois
What a great product, easy installation and
It worked perfectly! I am very impressed and will
Recommend to all my neighbors.
— Jeremy - Lake Victoria, Minnesota
This system is AWESOME!!!
We put the lift in over the Memorial Weekend with the help of your system and it was OUTSTANDING!!

So much safer. Nobody was knocked out by a dock float as it came flying out from under the lift. Or drown as the lift sank to the bottom with 3 or 4 people standing around it to get it in. This was so easy and so much safer. We didn’t even have to get in the water, which was very cold and way over our waders.
— Dean – Kroon Lake, Minnesota
I truly should have had this years ago!! I hung a few counterweights on the lift opposite of the motor side, until it was floating evenly. Wiggled it and jiggled it, very sturdy. I floated it out into position with one hand. Once in position, I let air out of front bag and down she came, repeating for rear and there it sits. Knowing now how sturdy it is with the 8 foot bags, when it comes out, I’ll float it right from my dock out and around it. Thank you so much for a product that REALLY WORKS LIKE ADVERTISED. I truly should have had this years ago!!
— Doug - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada
We have had the boat lift helper for our lift for 3 years. IT IS AWESOME!!!! Just as described on the website. No more breaking your back. My wife and are recent empty nesters and able to put our lift in and take it out safely, just the two of us. Very easy to install and to use. Why did we not have these when I was growing up with all the guys grunting our lift into place!
— Dave - Lac Courte O’Reilles, Wisconsin
The Boat Lift Helper turned a hard job to a piece of cake!
— Doug - White Earth, MN
After many years of waiting for the “Dock guy”, who for whatever reason, doesn’t answer his work phone in spring or fall only to leave most of his customers in the dark, I spook to one of my lake neighbors who has the system from Boat Lift Helpers and he said he he had been vary pleased with the system and also said that they were the best investment he’d ever made. That being said, I ordered a set for myself.
I installed the system on a large Shore Station lift, pushed in my roll a dock, waited for a calm day, aired up the bags, floated the lift to where I would always say to put it to the “Dock Guy”, (never did they get it right) Let the air out and PERFECT, first try. I spent $500.00 per year waiting for “Dock Guy” to screw up my lift location.
If boat lift helpers could of seen my face when I let the lift go down, that would of said it all. Thank you BLH, your system is dreamy!!
— Joe - Big Lake, Michigan

Hey, we installed the “helper” on my ridiculously heavy lift and it worked great! Just two of us floated it into position, installed the “mud legs” and dropped it into place. I had to adjust the mud legs the next day by myself – it popped right out of the mud, I adjusted the height, and dropped it right into position. This works like a dream!
Thanks for your help.
— Dave - Lakeville, MN

We pulled in our lift today with the help of the Boat Lift Helper, worked as advertised! We had winds in excess of 90 mph during the summer and waves in excess of 5’, there wasn’t a tear, defect, or anomaly with the bags.
Extremely pleased customer, thanks.
— Jim - Lake Norden, SD
Common sense goes a long way. Yes we had problems last spring, and again my own fault on not filling all the way. In the fall I took it out by myself, and it worked great (common sense goes a long ways). What had happened in the spring, I had help, and the wind was blowing - had one end up, and as soon as the other came up, we took off - bad move, yes we had to fight with it till we got where we were going - lesson learned.
Great product, and thanks again.
— Mark - Grandville , MI
We have 2-3 feet of muck on Thunder Lake and have had difficulty getting our boat lift in and out of the water for years. Since we purchased the boat lift helper, we no longer have these problems - the boat lift now goes in and out of the water with ease. I recommend this product to everyone. What a back saver. Thanks for this great product!!
— Larry - Thunder Lake, Remer, MN

Nobody got wet!
We assembled the Boat Lift Helper with no problems and got the lift in place with nobody getting wet (other than a few rain drops) - What a great solution!

I suspect that some of our neighbors in Waconia might be giving you a call...
— Steve - Waconia MN

I installed this product on a heavy 6000 lb capacity lift, including canopy and motor, and guide bunks. All I can say is, if you have a man power shortage, or as I do, 12” of muck, stop reading and order the bags now! You won’t regret it! Last year, four men and four hours and six giant inner tubes, just to get it loose. This year, a compressor and twenty minutes, it was on shore. Easy install... EASY! and placement and adjustment was so much easier! 3800lbs on the lift all summer, just hit with air and pop! Up she comes!
— Warren - lac Sante Northern Alberta, Canada
The floating system worked like a charm, and actually ate our lunch as the lift was slowly making its way through the sand bottom!
— Annette - Edmonton, Alberta
It worked like a hot dam
— Dave - Calgary Alberta Canada
My customer was very apprehensive about your product but after using it he absolutely loves it and would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again for shipping on such short notice - I appreciate it.
— Allen - Edmonton, AB
Pulling it back out of the lake was GREAT. It took longer to get my air hose equipment to work then to get the lift to shore. It worked as advertised!
— Larry - Pine Lake, MN
The bags worked like a charm on my shore station hydraulic lift. I offset them to the side of the hydraulic box and it balanced perfect! Excellent product!
— Jeff - Clear Lake, MN
I liked the way your system worked!
Install went smooth as did floating the lift. The 8 footers were [just] what I needed.
— Dean - Brainerd, MN
We installed the air bags tonight and they worked great! It allows one person to safely move the lift into place (BLH recommends help for unexpected changes during installation). Boat Lift Helper User Guide

It is a well refined product. I own several businesses which include the capability to cut and sew. Several years ago I fabricated air tubes which I tried to locate under a lattice work of webbing strung between the four lower frame members. The bags moved out of place, I didn’t persist and went back to dragging the darn lift in and out. Your product is a great step forward and should be incorporated with the lift as an accessory just like the electric motor drive.
— Dave - Sanford, MI
I think we lifted the front and back at least three times each before we were able to get the lift level in the muck. Worked perfect! Literally saved us hours of hard labor in the water!
— Dave - Bay Lake Township, Minnesota
Great product love it works very well thanks for making life easier
— Denny - Blueberry Lake, Wisconsin
Just a quick note about the floats I purchased from you:
Worth every cent.
— Joe - Big Lake, Michigan
Install was cake and instructions were clear. Still need to move tires to allow a little more offset but worked great!
— Craig - Plattsburgh, New York
I put the boat on the lift and enjoyed the summer with a bit of doubt that I might be screwed at the end of the season trying to get that thing out of 5 feet of muck.
When I asked the marina if I could put a lift in the slip they said “ yes, but we rather you didn’t” They had put a Seadoo lift in a couple years ago but they couldn’t get it out at the end of the season. They had to get a diver to cut the legs at the muck level to free it.

The day before I wanted to remove it I inflated the one bag at the deepest end. Went down the next day and it had only risen 12 inches. I deflated it and pumped up the other end and with some wiggling and shaking I had it up floating in about 30 minutes.

I was asked daily at the marina “ how did you do it?” by visitors and other boaters and I happily told them about your great product. I did feel obligated to explain to everyone how dangerous my install is and don’t recommend anyone trying it but on the bright side all our lake friends that do normal installs with four or more guys carrying a heavy lift in freezing water are thinking about the lift helper.
— Jeff - Lake Simcoe, Ontario
All I have to say is holy **** was that amazing!!! Lol. SUPER impressed!!!
— Brad - Alberta, Canada
Seriously though thanks so much. You guys have an awesome product and great customer service. Can’t believe how smooth it was to put the lift in. After we had it in I said I kinda want to take it out and do it again lol
— Stacey - Two Rivers, WI
Clever design, well built - We bought our Boat Lift Helper in May 2017. It has performed beautifully and flawlessly for 2 seasons. My son installed a dual air line valve last year so that we are able to inflate both air bags simultaneously. The lift went down and came up with grace and control.

We look forward to many smooth boat lift ‘launches’ and ‘beachings’ in the years ahead. Thanks Donnie and family, for making our boat lifting so much easier.
— Bruce - Kawagama Lake, Ontario
The reality is that installation was super simple. It took my wife and I something like 45 minutes from start to finish and we weren’t even cursing! My son and I put the lift out in about another 10 minutes. Turns out we did have to move it the next day. In goes the air – move the lift – deflate the air bags. Just awesome!
— Brad – Pine Lake, Alberta Canada
The lift bags we purchased to install/remove our 5000lb capacity ShoreStation work great, just as advertised. It saved my back and makes quick work out of what used to be a half day job.
Your customers service rocks!
— Paul - Jenison, Michigan
I really liked moving the pontoon lift in/out using the air bags. It can right up out of the muck, no problem. Saved me money already by not paying to have it removed.
— Al - Green Bay, Wisconsin
I bought two sets of boat lift helpers last year...incredible! Wished I bought them years ago.
— Joe - Minog, Wisconsin
Worked like a charm very simple to install and remove my lift now. Me and my son floated it around my dock to the other side and sunk it in place in under 1 hour. Couldn’t be happier with the product.
— Todd - Jefferson, Maine
The bags worked like a charm taking my lift out this year. I was concerned that the one bag was pretty mishaped but it inflated great., I have to shift the bags a little to balance better but with two people it wasn’t a problem. The bags were pretty grungy but when cleaned up were in good shape.
— Don - Winthrop, Maine
Just want to tell you the bags are amazing.
— Steuart - Far Hills, New Jersey
Worked great! Thanks for the timely delivery and for a great product!
— John - Saint Charles, Michigan
Fun to report to you that Boat Lift Helper has indeed helped as advertised!

I found that blowing the bags to fullest level was always the best for stability. The bypass safety valve regulates that point very well. If I under-inflated the bags, I always got a listing to one side because one end of the bag inflated while the other end deflated due to unequal pressures.
— John - Chisago City, Minnesota
We need to jockey the lift sideways from where we pull it up onto the shore to get it lined up next to the dock. In the past this has taken considerable effort. This year we just floated it into position and set it down. What a great improvement.

Thanks for showing us your shop and fabrication process. Also, thanks for demonstrating everything on the small lift you have in your shop
— Doug & Jo - Big Sugar Bush Lake, MN
... filling the air bags fully as you suggested and using the weight bag, the lift was balanced just fine and I floated it into position in deep water. That was a big help and I am glad I have it.
— Keith - Okemos, Michigan
The product worked awesome! Easy to install, worked exactly as you said it would. We installed our dock first, then floated the lift out and around to the other side of the dock. The best part is when we removed the lift, it was so easy! Absolutely love it!
— Guy - Greenville, Michigan
The system is unbelievable. Set up was very simple and took me about 45 minutes.
We had to play around with the bag locations to get a proper balance but that only took a few minutes.
This year it was so simple no one could believe it. I applied the air and the front came up like a submarine. the back followed just as easily and within 5 minutes we had it on shore. I can’t say enough good things about the system and have recommended it to all my neighbors and friends.
— John - Bemidji, Minnesota
The Boat Lift Helper worked like a charm - absolutely no problems at all.
— Graham - Des Moines, Iowa
Set up instructions were clear and useful. I installed my boat lift helper and placed the lift in the lake late June. The lift worked very well indeed. I’m glad I purchased it. I agree with your warnings to float a boat lift during calm wind and water.
Thanks for a good product.
— Robert - Helena, MT
Your product made the installation and adjustment of my boat lift incredibly easy. I followed your advice and instructions, to “offset” the front bag as far as practical to the winch side, and centered the rear bag. The lift floated absolutely level, and only needed one hand to control and move around in the water.

We used an air-mattress pump via the “exhaust” port to inflate it initially.

Since the lift was “new” to our lake, I had to float & sink it several times in the boat slip to get the legs adjusted to the lake bottom. The “Boat Lift Helper” made this task incredibly easy - just re-inflate one end, adjust, sink, inflate the other end, adjust, sink.
— John - Backus, MN
The Boat Lift Helper is kick-butt so far. Less time rubbing my back and more time enjoying the lake!
— Jerry - Rockford, Michigan
Well from all the feed back from the hoist and docking went very well!

The bags were the answer. They had laid plywood over the loon sh!t to help and that worked well. Once they reached 6” of water they inflated the bags and floated them into position! The hoist were very stable in the water even with the canopy frames installed.

The six person operation was easily handled by just two people. One person pushing the hoist and the other just guiding it into position. They slowly released the air and they fell into position exactly.

As an overall rating a definite 9.9 out of 10!!
Nothings perfect everyone knows that! LOL
— Rob - Alberta Beach, AB Canada
We greatly appreciate you taking care of your customers.
You guys never cease to amaze me. More Companies should follow your lead. We greatly appreciate you taking care of your customers.
— Robert - AB, Canada
I can’t tell you how well the Boat Lift Helper has worked for me.
I live on a mucky lake and for 5 years I struggled to get my lift in and out. The last 2 years I have had the Helper and it has been a piece of cake! I can’t thank you enough (my back thanks you as well)!
— Chuck - Fremont, WI
The boat lift helper worked great this fall in the lifting of our boat lift.

After getting in the boat lift, I removed the ‘bags’ and attached them to the double 2x4’s that I used this spring. I slipped the partially filled bags under the end of my dock. I then loosened the end dock supports and lowered the dock. Next I re-tightened the dock supports and started putting more air into the ‘bags’. The end of the dock raised up, floating the end of the dock and pulling the end supports and wheels out of the muck. I easily pulled up the end supports and pulled in the dock. This made the pulling in of the dock a lot easier than B4TBLH (before the Boat Lift Helper). Let me know if any one else has discovered any other uses for BLH.
— Randy - Minnesota
The Boat Lift Helper works GREAT!! Putting the lift in and taking it out (for 3 seasons) can be done by one person without the risk of hypothermia! (Boat Lift Helper advises 2 people)

Thanks for your concern, and good work on the product as it is a huge benefit.
— Craig - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pretty nice system. It worked easy and every well, all the neighbors had been amazed when the lift popped out of the water and floated.. The bags deflated very well and fast.
— Lee - Pigeon Lake, AB Canada
We had walked our 5000 lbs. capacity boat lift approximately 100’ along the shore from the dock. Normally it took two of us approximately four hours to move the lift along the shore and then into position. Once we got your system installed and were ready to start the launching of our boat lift my wife said she would go to the house to get the camera. Well when she got back with the camera the lift was already in position. It only took a few minutes to float our unit into position. It was remarkable.

My wife says that your system is the best labor saving and stress reliever ever made. This is really a labor and stress saver innovation that I would recommend to everyone with a lift. WOW. What a great system. Thank you from myself and my wife.
— David - Lake Vermilion, Tower, MN
When used exactly as directed, the Boat Lift Helper is one great tool. It made our boat lift installation much easier this year compared to all other installation methods. No winches, no straps, no ratchets, no hassle. It was a great help. But you must follow the instructions.
I love it!
— Jimmy - Coolville, Ohio
Your system worked as you promised.
I was able to easily install the bags, hoses, and valves in less than an hour and float the hoist into position by myself. Even better was taking it out this last weekend. The location I put the hoist is very mucky and let’s just say the muck won this year (despite my efforts to give the hoist a firm foundation). The hoist sank into the muck about 4 feet. I inflated the bag and it popped right up and I moved it back to shore. I also have a few people from my lake that I have given your name to.
— Jeff - Davisburg,MI
Love my Boat Lift Helper.
Installation was easy and it worked perfectly.
— Jim - Morgan, Vermont
You can let people know why it is important to balance the bags.

But even with the placement we had it was still a breeze to put in and pull out... We had a couple of friends give us a hand to push the lift into the water (they were more curious about the bag application and if it would work), but the wife and I could have easily did the task ourselves.

It was just the 2 of us that pulled it out this fall. The neighbors were really impressed with this system. We could probably get quite a few people at our lake interested in this product.

This is a great investment ... gives more time to drink beer with the buddies!!!! Trial and error on our part on positioning the bags, but we have figured it out for next year (balancing lift). We have a muddy bottom and the bags performed marvelously when they inflated. We were somewhat skeptical at first on how they would come out of the muddy bottom (LOON SH!T), but were quite amazed at how well they worked.
— Robert - Island Lake South, AB Canada

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